Social Media Audit + Consultation


We all want that beautiful feed of to post those really engaging stories. You like, share, go live…the list goes on and on and you still can’t quite get it right. How about a fresh perspective! You need someone to give you specific strategies and not that generalized garbage that does nothing but waste your time. You need a social media audit + consultation with a pro who really cares about your success!


What is an audit + consultation?

A social media audit + consultation is one part review of the old and one part strategy for the new. Let me build your strategy by breaking down the successes and mistakes or missed opportunities of your social media profiles and present you with a detailed report and analysis. Using this report, we will build you a strategy that serves your brand and speaks to your, unique, ideal clients. I’ll teach you how to put this strategy into action and prepare you with resources to help streamline your process.



My Process

Review + report of social media profiles

+ Analysis of up to two social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest)

+ Report detailing strengths, weaknesses, audience analysis, keyword/hashtag analysis, aesthetic feedback, etc.

Strategy consultation

+ Walk-through of social media profile reports

+ Discussion of goals, brand voice, aesthetic, your why

+ Breakdown of optimal features, techniques, schedule, and achieving preferred aesthetic

+ Collaborative strategy building to optimize your social media profits

Custom aesthetic mood board + strategy summary

+ Custom aesthetic mood board, designed to support your brand vision, as well as serve as a reminder of the goal aesthetic

+ Report detailing new strategy and techniques designed during consultation

+ List of optimal hashtags, keywords, posting times, etc.



Your Investment: $400

I keep my costs as low as possible, to help my clients save money for their own materials, products, and services. I want to help you build your business with materials and knowledge that will serve your brand for years to come! So what’s stopping you?

Payments may be made by credit or debit cards online, for ease and convenience and payment plans are available if needed.

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