My Small Biz Planner


There are dozens of planners out there, some of which cost upwards of $100! I could never justify buying a planner when I was always missing something, always wishing there was an extra spot for goals or wishing I could change the order of my pages. A planner should be something customizable and easy to use, but most importantly, it should serve you and your small business needs, so I designed my own!


This planner is packed full of tracking, scheduling, and goal setting tools that help me stay on track and focused on hitting my numbers! It’s a great resource for any small business, including bloggers and influencers! And at a cost of ONLY $9.95, what do you have to lose?! Give it a try and see how it helps your small business building strategy!

My Small Biz Planner Includes…

  • Daily Planner Sheet – 7AM-8PM scheduler, daily goals, and a spot for daily affirmations
  • Monthly Planner Sheet – Month calendar, top monthly goals, and notes sections
  • Monthly Tasks Sheet – Track goals over the course of your year, such as income, social media, or project goals
  • Monthly Media Stats Sheet – Track your social media progress month to month, covering Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your website, and mailing list
  • Login Information – An easy list to record credentials before safely storing them
  • Annual Finance Tracker – Track your expenses and income per month, to hit your yearly numbers and move that needle
  • Annual Calendar – Year calendar to mark big dates and keep deadlines in mind
  • Contacts Sheet – A must for any small business! As you make connections, keep contact info in one spot so you’re never stuck wondering what that website or email address was
  • Monthly Finance Tracker – Track your expenses and income per month, to keep yourself on track throughout the year
  • Yearly Media Stats – Track your social media progress over the course of the year, to track reach and exposure

This is a downloadable resource that you will be able to save and print out on whatever medium suites you best. This document is not to be resold or distributed for any reason.


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