Custom Branded Social Media Graphics


Have you ever seen Instagram profiles with perfectly coordinated story highlight icons? Or maybe the beautiful pins with a pretty logo and matching fonts and colors? Have you ever considered them for yourself? Or did you already put them out of your mind because you don’t know the first thing about branded graphics? No more friend! These vital visual graphics bring your social media presence to the next level and now they’re so easy for you have custom made for your brand!



What are social media branded graphics?

Like many things in our community of social media influencers, #entrepreneurlife, and small biz building, our clients and customers are looking for something more than just a simple post or pretty logo. Today, brands have to deliver on all fronts! We need to provide a consistent experience and tell our story through all our branding decisions and that’s where branded graphics come in. The easiest way to build continuity in your brand is do be consistent with your aesthetic on all social media platforms. From story highlights to your Facebook cover image to the “pin it” button on your website, we can work together to build you a collection of graphics and tools to make a serious statement every time a client visits your profiles!


What can I expect?

We’ll start out with an in-person or Skype/Facetime consultation meeting to review your current branding materials. Here, we’ll discuss your ideal clients, preferred aesthetic, optimal tools, brand story and voice, and all of the little details that make up your brand experience. Once we have a clear vision of where you’re at, we’ll begin our collaborative planning for your branded graphics. We’ll look over your options and make a plan for what kinds of graphics and styles will serve your brand and make it stand out amongst the competition.

Once we have a plan, I’ll create two sets of vision design for you to choose from. Once the design have been finalized, you’ll receive all of your brand new, custom graphics in multiple files types for ease and convenience. I want to set you up for success so the process is collaborative, supportive, straight forward, and honest. No tricks, nothing to hide, just a creative session to serve your brand!




The options


+ Story highlight cover icons

+ Story templates

+ Post templates

+ Each set comes with 6 unique designs for multi-purpose use

Your Investment: $300


+ Custom cover image

+ Post templates

+ Each set comes with 6 unique designs for multi-purpose use

Your Investment: $250


+ Custom Pin templates

+ Branded pin it button for your website

+ Templates come with 6 unique designs for multi-purpose use

Your Investment: $250



I keep my costs as low as possible, to help my clients save money for their own materials, products, and services. I want to help you build your business with materials and knowledge that will serve your brand for years to come! So what’s keepin’ you??

Payments may be made by credit or debit cards online, for ease and convenience and payment plans are available if needed.



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