Brand Image Audit + Consultation


Brands are far more than a logo or a website. In this day and age, with a constant stream of media, images, lights, and sounds, one or two good graphics won’t cut it. A brand must offer an experience for clients and customers. Your branding must be consistent, stunning, and tell your story. So, how well does your brand serve you?


What is an audit + consultation?

A brand image audit + consultation is one part review of the old and one part strategy for the new. Let me build your strategy by breaking down the successes and mistakes or missed opportunities of your brand identity and present you with a detailed report and analysis. Using this report, we will build you a strategy that serves your brand and speaks to your, unique, ideal clients. I’ll teach you how to put this strategy into action and prepare you with resources to help streamline your process.



My Process

Review + analysis of

all branding materials

+ Analysis of brand aesthetic, voice, continuity, and intention

+ Report of analysis details with visual references and examples

Strategy consultation

+ Breakdown of analysis, strategy building + techniques to solidify brand

+ Walk-through of brand analysis report

+ Discussion of goals, brand voice, aesthetic, your why

+ Collaborative strategy building to optimize your brand image

Custom brand identity design

+ Custom aesthetic mood board, designed to support your brand vision, as well as serve as a reminder of the goal aesthetic

+ Report detailing new strategy and techniques designed during consultation




Your Investment: $400

I keep my costs as low as possible, to help my clients save money for their own materials, products, and services. I want to help you build your business with materials and knowledge that will serve your brand for years to come! So, what’re you waiting for?

Payments may be made by credit or debit cards online, for ease and convenience and payment plans are available if needed.


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